Ops Team Build/Year End

Paintball Passion is a TOP team building destination. As for paintball,few things bond participants together like the excitement and expectation mixed with the element of fear, adrenalin and sweat.
This is more than just paintball. We developed a unique War Strategy team building program from years of experience that gets every member of a team,even those that does not want to play paintball, involved. Or you can just play paintball.

Whether you come to blow off stress from the standard work week or to practice strategizing, planning, and follow-through, paintball with us is sure to be a hit. Groups of all backgrounds and core values can benefit from this memorable activity.
Your experience with us will help you to get to know your staff/colleagues better and get them to work as a team to beat their opponents. Planning,execution,communication,common goal,follow through,reward! We guarantee that you will talk about 'that day' for years to come!
What do we experience during a session with our corporate clients?

1. Identification of natural leaders
2. Taking most staff out of their comfort zone
3. Team building amongst different departments
4. Camaraderie within entire companies
5. A more social interaction between staff members
6. Better communication and interaction all round(If you don't work together on the battlefield its going to hurt.)
7. A chance to get back at the boss:-)
8. Stress relief for staff

Some of the companies that we have hosted were:
Coke, SAB, Pioneer Foods, Old Mutual, Sanlam, Liberty, Momentum, Alan Gray, Foshini Group, Bowman, Broco Stellenbosch, Drakenstein and Cape Town Municipalities Maties and Ikeys Res, Bigen, Pragma, Bureau for Economic Research, Paarl Gim,Paul Roos, Bois High, Somerset College and many more school teams.
We accommodate groups of up to 120 people.

Cost is dependant on the size of the group

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