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Paintball is simulated war games and is a very popular sport with small and large groups organizing to participate in some competition. These games involve referees to prevent any cheating.
Basic Paintball Games

As a paintball player, you can use these basic games to have an exciting day playing paintball with your friends. Use the following game formats as guidelines and be creative by customizing these paintball games for your friends and fields:


Two teams start on opposite sides of the field. The objective is to eliminate all the members of the opposite team.

Centre Flag

Two teams start at opposite ends of the field. The objective is to retrieve the flag located in the centre of the field and plant it in your opponent’s base without getting shot.

Capture the Flag

Two teams start at opposite ends of the field. The objective is to retrieve the opponents flag located in the opponents base and plant it in your base without getting shot.

Last Man Standing

All the players stand around a “package” in the middle of the field facing away from each other. At the first whistle, everyone has 20 seconds to run for cover. At the second whistle shooting is allowed to begin. The object of the game is to return to the clearing and retrieve the package.

Hostage Rescue

In a very disturbing moment, innocent people have been captured by terrorists therefore counter-terrorists must rescue the hostages without harming the hostages. Choose your role in this exciting paintball game.
Players are divided into two separate teams. The one team is “Hostages” and “Rescuers”, while the other team are “Terrorists”. With a five-minute head start, the terrorists lead the hostages to the holding areas. After the five minutes the rescuers, begin their search. The 'rescuers" must engage and eliminate the “Terrorists” and prevent any hostage casualties.


A selected player is hunted and the rest of players become the hunters. The hunted player is normally supplied with a gun and ammo. The hunted must reach a particular area within a timeframe to win. The hunters must shoot the selected player to win.

Tips and Tactics

Are paintball tactics important? Answer: If you want to win more often than not, you must plan your tactic before each game.

Paintball is the actual simulation of a battle which takes place between teams so it is best to have a paintball strategy to employ.
In general, paintball tactics were modified from military procedures are used to out-manoeuvre the opponents in order to win the game.
In the world of paintball, participants are reacting to situations that require a fundamental knowledge of tactics and should be aware of the following tips and strategies:

Paintball Basics - Fire and Movement

1. Do not linger and hide in an open area for a long time.
2. Wear paintball clothes that cover arms, legs, ankle, and neck.
3. Do not shoot from a distant area. You will simply show where your position is. Get closer to your opponent and then shoot.
4. Don't shoot your paintballs randomly. Use them wisely.
5. A good position is gold.
6. Be patient and be quiet.
7. Be sure you know where your allies are.
8. Get a good idea as to where your enemies are.

Paintball Basics: Game Tactics

1. Never get "pinched." In other words, don't let the enemy shoot at you from either side.
2. Try to sneak up on your opponent from behind.
3. Don't shoot unless you have cover immediately at your disposal.
4. Communication with your team will create efficient plans of attack.
5. Try outnumbering the enemy and overwhelm them.

Advanced Tactics

Basic Shooting

In paintball, you should be skilled in basic shooting, which is being able to shot accurately eliminating the opponent in crucial moments. Improving this skill requires you to perform basic and progressive drills and graining on field experience.
A common technique is to 'pin down' your opponent, an act which entails shooting quickly and steadily at the opponent’s position. This encourages the opponent to hide behind their cover completely, giving you the opportunity to advance without fear of being shot. Ultimately, this brings you close enough to get an accurate shot and eliminate your opponent. To fire for best effect fire 2-4 rounds 'aiming' (really just pointing, as with a shotgun) at the desired target. If you don't hit them, you should be able to establish the direction your shots are drifting (the rounds should be relatively consistent in their inaccuracy). You can then simply compensate for the natural inaccuracy and "walk" your fire toward your opponent. If your opponent is hiding behind a large, hard object (tree, rock, etc), it is sensible to err on the side of shooting wide of the object (and the opponent), and walk the fire toward the opponent, as opposed to splattering the cover object with paint, alerting the opponent to your attempts at shooting them (use the silence of the missing rounds passing wide to your advantage). Make your first shot count. Aim, and then shoot. If your first shot misses, fire a few more shots quickly. Shoot in bursts because not every paintball will break when your target is hit. Then sit back into a protected position. Fire at anything that is sticking out and exposed. That includes the gun, hopper, feet, visors, etc.


One of the core skills for all players is 'Snap Shooting'. The idea is to be able to lean out of a bunker, shoot paint at someone, and duck back into your bunker without getting shot. The whole process lasts only a split second.
Reincarnation takes place when a player is shot and is out of the game. He can become live again by doing the following:

Crucial Movements

In a paintball game, you must move quickly to different cover areas similar to professionals in tournaments. Angles mean everything so be aware of your next movement. Move into position. The game is won and lost by obtaining some kind of advantage. Paintball strategies that incorporate a lot of movement usually have the advantage. In paintball the advantage is in movement (usually). When all else fails, shoot to keep your opponent’s head low and move to gain a better position. Keep your opponent from viewing your next move by shooting at their position a few times, and then move quickly to your next position. A better advantage is where you move to a position that gives you a better angle on your opponent without him or her seeing you get there. Staying in one position increases your chance of getting eliminated. It does not increase your chances getting more eliminations. If you don't get an angle on your opponent, move to a better position. And if you don't eliminate your opponent after a few attempts, move. If you get to a better position, don't give your position away by immediately standing up and shooting like crazy. This will give your position away. Take a peak to see what your battle field looks like. There may be a few targets, or there may be an even better position (or bunker) in your grasp.

Utilizing Protection

During paintball, the most essential aspects is by being aware of the terrain and surrounding objects, which can be used for cover. These objects can be anything from a tree, big rocks, bunker or steep mound. Different paintball fields have various forms of these protections. Look for advantages throughout the terrain
for example hills, rocks, logs and trees. You can start at the base of a hill and slowly climb up at a crouch. As you near the top, pop-up and take a quick look and then fall on your belly for protection. This way you get a good look to see what targets are available. If you are protecting a flag and there are trees, look for trees that give you good protection and allow for movement. Or, try sitting in the tree and surprise a few opponents. Never look over cover, Always look around or through it e.g. a bush.

Basic Flanking

Flanking is one of the most important strategies in paintball because it can be applied to almost any situation involving a fire fight.
Any time a team, or even a single player, is under fire flanking, or moving around one side, is very important to ensure success. It is a military tactic used to attack the enemy on the sides and seldom on the rear. When a basic flanking scheme succeeds, the enemy would be surrounded from two or more directions. Paintball players utilize this military tactic to contain the opposing forces. Trick your opponent. Fire at an opponent from one side, keeping him or her busy. Have your teammate sneak to their weak side and eliminate them.


"Pinching" is very effective. Basically, pinching is where you attack from both sides of the bunker/cover that your opponent occupies. If you don't eliminate the player they may be forced to get out and this gives you a better opportunity to eliminate them.


As a team, your group must work well together to be successful in Paintball games. The entire team must get along with each other on and off the field. You should be able to trust each and every teammate with different task. Communication on the field is essential! Talk to your buddy to provide cover and to spot opponents.


A Teammate can tag him by touching him.
Once shot, the player moves back to his starting point so as to restart the game. This continues until the player runs out of ammunition.
That's just a small taste of the various tips and techniques to incorporate into your next game.

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