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Paintball is simulated war games and is a very popular sport with small and large groups organizing to participate in some competition. These games involve referees to prevent any cheating.
Basic Paintball Games

As a paintball player, you can use these basic games to have an exciting day playing paintball with your friends. Use the following game formats as guidelines and be creative by customizing these paintball games for your friends and fields:


Two teams start on opposite sides of the field. The objective is to eliminate all the members of the opposite team.

Centre Flag

Two teams start at opposite ends of the field. The objective is to retrieve the flag located in the centre of the field and plant it in your opponent’s base without getting shot.

Capture the Flag

Two teams start at opposite ends of the field. The objective is to retrieve the opponents flag located in the opponents base and plant it in your base without getting shot.

Last Man Standing

All the players stand around a “package” in the middle of the field facing away from each other. At the first whistle, everyone has 20 seconds to run for cover. At the second whistle shooting is allowed to begin. The object of the game is to return to the clearing and retrieve the package.

Hostage Rescue

In a very disturbing moment, innocent people have been captured by terrorists therefore counter-terrorists must rescue the hostages without harming the hostages. Choose your role in this exciting paintball game.
Players are divided into two separate teams. The one team is “Hostages” and “Rescuers”, while the other team are “Terrorists”. With a five-minute head start, the terrorists lead the hostages to the holding areas. After the five minutes the rescuers, begin their search. The 'rescuers" must engage and eliminate the “Terrorists” and prevent any hostage casualties.


A selected player is hunted and the rest of players become the hunters. The hunted player is normally supplied with a gun and ammo. The hunted must reach a particular area within a timeframe to win. The hunters must shoot the selected player to win.

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